Describe your business in one sentence.

We help hospitality brands ful­fill their promise to deliver an exceptional and comfortable night’s sleep to guests – night after night, stay afterer stay.

How was your business changed in the face of hospitality. Sleep is our business – and has been for more than 143 years. We view hospitality as an extension of our brand. We understand its very exacting requirements and work hard to exceed them every day.

Tell us about new products/innovations you’re introducing.

We have a long-standing passion for innovation. At its heart, our Beautyrest® brand stands for breakthrough sleep innovations that optimize performance. From expert craftmanship, luxurious materials and industry-leading temperature management design — to our proprietary Pocketed Coil® Technology — we consistently deliver sleep solutions aligned to our customers’ requirements – and exceed guest expectations.

How is technology playing a role in product development?

We constantly seek out the latest technologies and challenge ourselves to build better products that assure an even better night’s sleep. Our research center, and the sleep scientists leading it, work tirelessly to develop and deliver world-leading innovations. Take the state-of-the-art Sleeptracker® app. Paired with Simmons’ SmartMotion™ adjustable base systems, it tracks sleep patterns and provides tips for improving them, even playing soothing sounds for a more tranquil sleep experience.

Why is collaborating important to your company? Tell us about some of your product collaborations.

Collaboration and strategic partnerships play a huge role in how we develop and deliver gamechanging technology. Whether it’s working with world class universities and research facilities or manufacturers of products that enable our sleep technology, collaboration is the one of the most effective tools in delivering exceptional sleep products.

What trends are you seeing in the industry? How will you incorporate them in your products?

The biggest emerging trends we see involve wellness and connected sleep. With advancements in technology and sleep science, we are ­ finding new and innovative ways to enhance sleep health and recovery, all while remaining hidden or unobtrusive to the guest (sleeper).