Redefining Luxury Sleep for Hospitality

Providing distinctive, elevated guest sleep experiences to the hospitality industry is what we do best. Our long-standing commitment to innovation is reflected in both the comfort and performance of the Beautyrest® Hospitality product line.

Night after night, stay after stay, we help our customers fulfill their promise to deliver an exceptional and brand-defining sleep to guests. Why settle for anything less than Beautyrest?

The Beautyrest Hospitality Collection

The Ultimate Guest Amenity? Sleep. Our new Beautyrest Hospitality lineup features beautiful design aesthetics, next generation Pocketed Coil® technology made with post-industrial recycled steel and delivers brand-defining sleep experiences for every industry segment.


Great sleep and an affordable price. Our new Simmons mattress line-up is ideally suited for hostels, economy hotels and extra sleeper accommodations.


Quality craftmanship and innovative sleep technology deliver a refined guest sleep experience and lasting durability.


This collection delivers affordable luxury with upgraded fabric and foam technologies, along with our legendary Pocketed Coil®.

Restorative Sleep = Exceptional Guest Reviews

Tips for Creating a Guest Recovery Room

The Bed

The bed is the heart of the guestroom and the #1 factor guests note as most important to their sleep*. Hospitality mattresses are designed differently because they have to be. With the latest technology and a tireless pursuit of sleep innovation, our beds deliver an exceptional night’s sleep to guests, as well as an outstanding return on your investment.

Noise Reduction

A quiet environment is key to delivering on your promise of an exceptional guest sleep experience. Housekeeping remains your best, first line defense to identify potential noise sources to address, like HVAC issues, etc. Creating quiet zones in designated room blocks during specific hours, adding sound-proofing technology to rooms, and providing noise masking systems can all protect that guest promise.

Room Lighting

Smart lighting helps guests fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Leveraging sensor-based technology and programmable smart bulbs, fixtures can automatically change hue based on the time of day and gently wake guests up in the morning.

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*Source: Consumer Quantitative Study, April 2019

Designed For Hospitality

Beautyrest Hospitality sleep solutions are uniquely designed to provide exceptional experiences for your guests and an outstanding return on investment for you. Why settle for anything less?


Proprietary Pocketed Coil®


Advanced Research Fuels Our Innovation


Let’s Be Better Together

Innovation with Purpose: Sleep

Enhance your guest’s sleep performance with Beautyrest. Our innovative hospitality and commercial bedding solutions align to meet brand requirements – from economy to luxury, providing exceptional “good, better, best” options within each category. We’ll help you deliver cost-effective and brand-defining sleep experiences that will keep guests coming back!

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Brands That Trust Beautyrest Hospitality

We proudly serve every industry segment from luxury to economy.

Here’s Why Beautyrest

Beautyrest Hospitality delivers customer experiences that delight customers and results that impact the bottom line

“When I got into the hotel business, the first thing I did was to change the beds and it increased my occupancy by 25%.”

– Chetan Patel, General Manager, Super8 by Wyndham, Clinton AR

“The most important thing for the hospitality business is the comfortable bed. They (guests) don’t care about other things, but they need the comfortable bed.”

– Victor Chevdawala, Property Owner, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

What Guests Are Saying

Sleep Experiences That Keep Guests Coming Back

“Stayed a Holiday Inn Express in South Dakota…I went to sleep and the next morning I realized I wasn’t stiff and sore. I could not get over the bed. So I pulled the sheets back and snapped a picture of the label. Beautyrest Recharge!! Don H, Holiday Inn Express, South Dakota”

“My parents are elderly and they stayed at a hotel with one of your mattresses and had such a good night’s sleep–they are still talking about it. Kim W, EVEN Hotels”

“I am sleeping in the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in in my life. It’s a Beautyrest at the Residence Inn Marriott. It is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. Lisa D, Residence Inn Marriott”

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